New initiative expected to boost electric vehicle uptake in the territory.

Electric vehicles purchased in the Australian Capital Territory are now eligible to receive two years of free registration.

Both new and used electric vehicles are entitled to the offer, so long as the purchase is made between 24 May 2021 and mid-2024. It also covers vehicles that have been converted to electric power.

Electric vehicles registered in the ACT are currently already exempt from stamp duty.

The initiative makes good on a promise initially slated by Labor and the Greens back in November 2020, which included other measures such as a means-tested interest-free loans scheme of up to $15,000 for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said that registration and stamp duty combined can represent up to four to five per cent of the cost of the vehicle.

“We are the most EV supportive city in Australia and I think this new initiative will further accelerate the take up of these zero-emission vehicles,” said Mr Barr.

“The price [of an EV] will continue to fall, and what we’re trying to do is accelerate that take-up.”

The ACT is looking to introduce another 50 public charging points in the next 12 months, with “hundreds” to follow “over the next five years”.

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