Electrified performance models teased by Hyundai N division


A new range of electrified performance cars is on the way from Hyundai N, with the first details to be announced as soon as next month.

Ben Zachariah


Hyundai N looks set to announce its first electrified performance model next month.

Till Wartenberg, vice president of the N division – Hyundai’s performance arm – sat with figurehead Albert Biermann in a video posted online, with the two men hinting at the carmaker’s future direction.

“With N we go to the next level, and the next level is electrification,” Biermann said.

“More than three years ago we started with some work in Namyang [on] how to make the EV more emotional,” he said, adding that he would be driving a “T car” the following day.

While Wartenberg was quick to end Biermann’s line of thought, the ‘T car’ could be a prototype of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, which has been in development for a number of years.

These digital renderings by artist Theottle provide an early look at what to expect when the Ioniq 5 N eventually lands.

The fully-electric Ioniq 5 N is expected to launch in 2023, but it might not be the only model in the brand’s future line-up to receive some level of electrification.


“Not today, but I can promise you that we will tell you exactly which car will be electrified, when it will be electrified, and how,” Wartenberg said.

With the Kona in line to receive a Staria-inspired new generation next year, it could be the opportunity for Hyundai’s N engineers to develop a Kona N Hybrid.

Stay tuned to Drive for all the latest from the Hyundai N Day on 15 July 2022.

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