Epic Ford LTL 9000 Semi Can Do Burnouts Like a Hellcat, Delivers Straight Line Blow


If you’re passionate about big rigs, watching two large semi trucks race each other in a straight line can be just as spectacular as watching two muscle cars, as long as the trucks in question hold icon status, which usually means something from the 80s. Back then, semis used to look absolutely glorious. The Ford L-series, also known as the Louisville, because it was assembled near Louisville, Kentucky, was a heavy-duty semi truck built by Ford over multiple generations, starting in the 1970s. Now, if you ask me, the first generation was the most memorable one, specifically the LTL 9000, which went on to serve as Ford’s answer to the likes of the Kenworth W900, Mack Superliner and Peterbilt 359. In the late 70s, the Blue Oval finally decided to give the LTL 9000 its own distinctive front fascia, featuring a new grille and new headlights. Speaking of Blue Ovals, this truck was among the first vehicles to utilize Ford’s iconic badge – how’s that for learning something today? Ford continued to upgrade the L-series throughout the 80s, while also introducing the Aeromax version, aimed at the aerodynamic Kenworth T600. However, Aeromax models were nowhere near as good looking as the regular heavy duty 9000s. Anyway, now that we’ve settled all that, let’s check out this monstrous LTL 9000 truck, which looks genuinely pristine. I’m not sure what model year it is, possibly an ‘85, mid-80s, something along those lines, but what I do know is that it will kick serious behind when it comes to semi drag racing. You can see it dispatch most of its opponents in the footage below, while also taking time to shred its tires so spectacularly, even Hellcat owners would approve. I will say that the LTL 9000 is nowhere near as good looking as other popular semis from the 80s, but this one is pretty special, and it looks particularly good when going sideways.