Eruption Green 2022 Ford Bronco Pays Tribute to Mallard Green


Offered in the 1970s, Mallard Green is making a comeback in the guise of Eruption Green. The metallic paint finish is going to be offered for the 2022 model year this fall along with Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Tintcoat, and both colors will be available for every Bronco series.

As per the leaked color palette we’ve covered earlier this month, three hues are leaving the Bronco. These are Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue, and Rapid Red. The Ford Motor Company says that orders for Ranger-based body-on-frame utility vehicle will open later this year although we already know that initial ordering for the 2022 model year will start in September.

Based on the decals, the pictured vehicle is the Outer Banks trim level with Sasquatch Package off-road goodies and a few other tasteful optional extras.

Slotted between the Black Diamond and Badlands, the Outer Banks currently retails from $38,995 and $41,450 depending on the number of doors. The molded-in-color hard top, which is getting a quality-oriented redesign for the 2022 model year, is $695. The Ford Performance heavy-duty modular front bumper costs $825 while the brush guard retails at $300.

The Sasquatch Package is the most expensive of the lot at $4,200, but it’s worth every cent. From the 35-inch rubber shoes to the 4.7 axle ratios, electronically-locking diffs, and high-clearance suspension, you’re pretty much covered for the occasional adventure off the beaten path. It’s also important to mention that Ford will offer the seven-speed manual transmission with a crawler gear in conjunction with the Sasquatch Package for the 2022 model year as long as you’re fine with the 2.3-liter mill.

The four-cylinder turbo develops 300 horsepower and 325 pound-feet (441 Nm) on premium unleaded, which is more than adequate for a vehicle of this footprint and heft. Customers who need a little more oomph can always get a force-fed V6 engine in the guise of the 2.7-liter EcoBoost, which cranks out 330 horsepower and 415 pound-feet (563 Nm) of torque on full song.