EV charging network in Malaysia steadily growing along North-South Expressway


While driving from Singapore up through Peninsular Malaysia to the border with Thailand has been possible for decades, in the coming era of electric vehicles (EVs), a network of recharging stations needs to be set up so that such vehicles can complete the whole 862-km journey without running out of electrical ‘fuel’. While the range of EVs continues to increase, places to recharge along the way will still be needed in the same way as petrol stations as travellers may detour or take breaks in various places. Companies like Shell, in collaboration with Porsche Asia Pacific, have taken the initiative to start setting up a network of high-speed charging stations along the North-South Expressway. No doubt, as the EV population increases, other companies will also start contributing to the network. Access to the Go/EVC charging stations requires the use of a mobile app. Singapore’s sole piped town gas provider, City Energy, is among them and has launched its Go by City Energy (Go)  EV charging service to offer a seamless operational service across Singapore and Malaysia using a mobile app on smartphones. Operated by its new subsidiary, City Energy Go Pte. Ltd., Go will be the first EV charging service provider to offer EV charging solution as a service This Caltex station near Sjudai in Johor is one of the stations with EV charging facilities. Go, which finances, operates and maintains the network of EV charging stations, has a strategic partnership with EV Connection Sdn. Bhd. to extend charging connectivity into Malaysia. The two companies recently signed an agreement to extend connectivity into Malaysia. Go will be the first service in Singapore that extends EV charging capabilities into Malaysia. EV Connection is one of Malaysia’s pioneers in EV charging solutions and an authorised EV charging station distributor registered with Suruhanjaya Tenaga, CIDB, Tenaga Nasional Berhad and MyHijau. With this partnership, Go drivers will be able to access EV Connection’s network of charging stations in Malaysia. Depending on the location, the charging stations and power levels may vary. Go says that the charging levels can be 22 kW or 43 kW (AC) or 50 kW (DC). The higher the charging level, the faster the charging will be but each EV will be designed to accept a specific charging level. To cater for different EV models, the charging stations will have different ports for the popular types of charging cable connectors. Shell and Porsche team up to provide first cross-border high-performance charging network in Southeast Asia The post EV charging network in Malaysia steadily growing along North-South Expressway appeared first on News and reviews on Malaysian cars, motorcycles and automotive lifestyle.  » Read More