EV Owners Drive More Miles Than ICE Car Drivers Each Week, Study Claims


Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners drive more miles per week than their counterparts with ICE vehicles. According to the study, which was focused entirely on owners of Peugeot vehicles in the UK, the average driver of an electric or plug-in hybrid car drives 127 miles (ca. 204 km) per week. Meanwhile, the average driver of a gasoline-engined Peugeot covers 81 miles (ca. 130 km) per week.

Do not worry about the average being significantly improved by plug-in hybrids, as Peugeot has bothered to calculate the average driven distance of an electric model each week, which stands at 91 miles (ca. 146 km).

So yes, the average weekly mileage of an EV is higher than its gasoline-engined equivalent, but only in the conditions described above. Meanwhile, the owner of a diesel-engined model drives an average of 94 miles (ca. 151 km) per week. So, maybe you would not be entirely wrong on the matter described in the first paragraph of this article.

It appears that just one in five drivers of vehicles that have a diesel or gasoline engine has a weekly average of more than 200 miles (ca. 322 km). With that value in mind, Peugeot representatives underline the fact that an e-208 or an e-2008 would get to do that on a single charge, as it could drive up to 217 miles (ca. 349 km) or 206 miles (ca. 332 km) after being unplugged from the charging station, respectively.

One in three drivers of conventionally powered vehicles claims that the range of EVs is the biggest factor stopping them from getting a zero-emission car, while half say that the real issue is the price. The lack of public charging infrastructure is credited by four in ten respondents as being the biggest reason they are not getting an EV soon.

Peugeot wants to get as many people as possible to buy an EV, so it offers a certificate of battery capacity after each service. Moreover, the French marque has an eight-year warranty for the battery, which would have 70 percent of its capacity left after a maximum of 100,000 miles (ca. 160,000 km).

Mind you, this study only focused on 1,800 drivers in the United Kingdom, all Peugeot owners. The French claim that the company managed to get a proportionate mix of electric, hybrid, diesel, and gasoline-engined car owners in order to make the survey relevant. With all that in mind, one could only wonder how this stacks up with other brands.

Before we get those figures from another survey, you should know that electric vehicles will be the only ones that will be exempt from paying Congestion Charges in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, which has been recently expanded.