Expensive, Benighted Toyota Land Cruiser J300 Becomes a Hilariously Small CGI SUV


Showcased for the first time in June, the Toyota Land Cruiser J300 has been keeping the headlines ever since. For both right and wrong reasons. But the hype is real… and a clear and present virtual danger for turning up with odd twists.

No need to beat it around the bush. The latest incarnation of the legendary off-roader is way too successful for its good. So, the waiting list is already incredibly long and continuously growing, mirroring other popular apparitions, such as the C8 Corvette.

And the upcoming arrival of the 2022 Lexus LX is certainly not going to solve the availability problem. It just gives Toyota the chance to hike up the price for the J300 some more. Unfortunately, there are no foreseeable solutions to these real-world problems, given all that is going on around the automotive world.

But that doesn’t mean virtual artists can’t try and identify some CGI workarounds. Case in point, Theo – the pixel master better known as theottle on social media – has decided to once more play with the minds and souls of Land Cruiser J300 enthusiasts around the world. With a little Malaise twist, this time around.

It’s adamantly clear the iconic Toyota SUV has been a darling of the CGI imagination land even before its official arrival. It’s been lowered, tuned, blown to rugged off-road proportions, and constantly transformed into its luxurious Lexus LX counterpart. But this time around it goes in the opposite direction.

As such, the virtual artist has found a crazy solution to Land Cruiser’s long waiting list and big price tag. But we’re not sure anyone is going to like it… because the J300 styling was transplanted inside the body of a little-known Malaysian A-segment SUV.

It’s the Perodua Ativa, a recent interpretation of the Daihatsu Rocky, which is now hilariously dressed up with the front and rear fascias of the 300-series Land Cruiser! Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea…