F87 BMW M2 Competition DCT vs. Audi RS 3 Drag Race Ends Rather Predictably


Sam CarLegion is back with another drag racing video! On this occasion, he brought the BMW M2 Competition and Audi RS 3 together for a showdown between good ol’ rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

But first, let’s go through a few technical specifications. In the blue corner, the F87 is pretty much stock except for the aftermarket exhaust system, coil-over shocks, and the rear wing that sort of ruins the car’s side profile. The Bavarian challenger also features a dual-clutch transmission rather than a six-speed stick shift because the RS 3 sedan comes exclusively with a DCT.

Both cars feature seven forward ratios, and both are pretty similar in terms of curb weight at 3,655 and 3,593 pounds (1,658 and 1,630 kilograms), respectively. Under the hood, the fixed-head coupe is rocking a twin-turbo sixer with 3.0 liters of displacement while the Audi flexes a 2.5-liter fiver with a transverse layout because the RS 3 is based on the MQB architecture.

The M2 Competition belts out 404 horsepower, not 410 as Sam CarLegion lists in the following video. To his defense, it’s easy to confuse metric and brake horsepower when talking about European cars. Torque is listed at 405 pound-feet (550 Nm) from 2,350 to 5,200 revolutions per minute, translating to relentless acceleration. The RS 3 is also listed with the metric horsepower (400), not the ponies used in the United States of America (395), along with 354 pound-feet (480 Nm) of torque from 1,700 to 5,850 revolutions.

Before you press the play button, try to figure which is the quicker car over the quarter-mile run. Spoiler alert: the BMW wins every single time by quite a considerable gap while the four-ringed sports sedan struggles to launch from a standstill and from a roll despite the clever quattro all-wheel-drive system.

In related news, Audi prepares the brand-new RS 3 for the 2022 model year while BMW will follow suit with the G87 sometime in 2022 as a 2023 model.