Fake 1969 Ford Mustang from India Based on Hyundai Is so Bad It’s Good


Replicas or clones of famous cars used to be incredibly popular back in the day. These ranged from fake Ferraris based on the Pontiac Fiero to advanced Shelby Cobras that were as good as the real thing. Nowadays, it’s quite easy for somebody to borrow money and get a supercar, but there are still parts of the world where owning a Lambo seems impossible.

For many years, we’ve been looking at replicas of the Aventador coming out of different parts of Asia. But if you’ve seen one bad set of Lambo lights, you’ve seen them all. Plus, supercars aren’t that likely to retain their value. Something like an SVJ will probably be cool forever, but just look how cheap Gallardos have become. No point in copying one of those, right?!

On the other hand, there are muscle cars which will always be desirable, at least in our opinion. And the Ford Mustang is kind of the hill. Not in the sense that it’s the most powerful or interesting, but because it’s known all over the world. This build from India proves this by adapting the design of a 1969 ‘Stang to fit a 2009 Hyundai Accent. Its possible that the person who built it never even saw a real Mustang in real life.

The Accent is mostly forgotten in America, but it’s a popular commuter in India due to its frugal engine and size. Obviously, there are RWD Hyundai models which would have been better for the handling of the fake Mustang. But replicas are usually created by people with more skills and ambition than finances. You’ve got to respect that.

Obviously, there are elements of the car that don’t match the original very well, such as the nose. But that’s like saying somebody’s homemade burgers made from leftovers don’t taste exactly like McDonald’s. We particularly like the view from the back, where they replicated the taillights, bumper, and fastback design very well.

The interior is always the least accurate on any fake car, and that seems to be the case here as well. And while we don’t have many glimpses of what’s under the hood, there probably isn’t going to be a fire-breathing V8 under there. We’re willing to bet it’s something small, a four-cylinder 1.5-liter with under 100 hp.