Family-Owned 1976 Dodge Power Wagon Might Be Perfect for Classic 4WD Adventures


While the initial light-duty designed Power Wagons came out back in 1957, it’s always easier to get original low mileage and nicely preserved bodies on a later model year. Such as this 1976 W200 Adventurer that’s a Power Wagon just waiting for another chance to shine out as a classic desert runner. And, even better, it seems this example is as stock and unmolested as it can be, so it will start its new adventures looking decidedly pristine.

According to the eBay seller “heavymetalautosales” we are dealing here with a very enticing proposition for anyone looking to embark on new summer road trips with an off-road twist. This is because we are dealing with a 1976 Dodge Ram W200 Power Wagon Adventurer, a “super nice and rare truck,” as per the description. As always, one must take all these notes with a grain of salt, but the highlights do look good enough to be as close as possible to reality.

The exterior shapes up nicely as a dune basher thanks to the Adventurer package (a case of all show and no extra go) and with the right set of wheels and tires, it will sport the ready-for-anything looks like a pro. So is the case here with this dual-tone (copper, dark brown) Power Wagon that allegedly mixes the Adventurer looks with the California-only, dealer-installed Desert Runner package to make sure it not just looks, but also acts tough.

And the provenance can be attested, as the truck has only been in the possession of a single family since new. More so, the owners were careful enough to hold on to the original window sticker, build, sheet, and even the dealer paperwork. Even better, under the hood resides an “unmolested” 440ci V8 engine that’s mated to an automatic transmission and a 4×4 drive system. And the seller doesn’t fail to mention that both run great… and hopefully, he’s telling the truth.

After all, with the Power Wagon looking so great it would be a shame to get inside the mostly original (only the tachometer and radio are said to be aftermarket, the rest is factory stock) interior and have a nasty surprise when it’s time for the first test drive.

Now, there’s time to think this through – as the auction is scheduled to run for another four and a half days (at the time of writing). But, on the other hand, it’s also more than enough to see the current highest bid of $17,059 get hiked beyond imagination – it wouldn’t be the first or the last no-reserve sale to go crazy…