Ferrari 812 gets louder exhaust system


Tuning studio Fabspeed installed a more efficient exhaust system on the Italian Ferrari 812 coupe, thanks to which the car began to sound completely different.

While more and more norms and standards are forcing car manufacturers to make their models quieter than ever before, there are many tuning companies that offer different exhaust systems for almost all existing cars. Some of these systems may sound terrible, and some, on the contrary, are fantastic. The exhaust of this Ferrari 812 Superfast falls into the second category.

This particular instance of the Italian supercar is based in the US and was recently fitted with an X-pipe exhaust system from the Fabspeed team.

Included with the exhaust are the sports katas, which also play a key role in freeing up the airflow, creating the thrilling roar you can only expect from a naturally aspirated Ferrari V12.

While it’s hard to say for sure based on this video alone, it doesn’t seem like the exhaust sound is too strong at low revs, which means you can cruise this 812 at low speeds without having a lot of exhaust noise headaches.

The Ferrari 812 family will soon grow with the launch of a limited edition model that will be fully unveiled on May 5th. Ferrari has confirmed that this variant of the supercar is the most powerful naturally aspirated car ever produced, showing the most powerful V12 engine with 818 hp. and speeds of up to 9500 rpm, which also makes it the most powerful Ferrari ever built for road use.

To increase engine power, the Italian car manufacturer redesigned many of the internal components and also installed a new valve timing mechanism. The limited edition 812 will also have a new exhaust system, although it remains to be seen if it will sound as good as this Fabspeed system.

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