Ferrari SF90 Stradale PHEV starts new era for The Prancing Horse, priced from RM1.91 million


As Ferrari’s first series production PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), the SF90 Stradale marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in the company’s history.

‘SF90’ is a reference to the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Scuderia Ferrari and ‘Stradale’, which translates to ‘road’, underscores the distinct link that has always existed between Ferrari’s track and road cars.

2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

From a stylistic perspective, it completely rewrites the mid-rear-engined sports berlinetta proportions introduced on the 360 Modena 20 years ago.

2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari has successfully taken on the challenge of combining conventional and electrical power sources with its first ever plug-in hybrid vehicle, once again drawing upon its advanced technology from the track and making it applicable for the road.

The new model delivers unprecedented performance for a production car, with figures such as 1,000 ps, and a weight-to-power ratio of 1.57 kg/ps,

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