Fiat Landtrek Ultra Proposes French-Italian Defense Against Ranger/Amarok Attack


Although only one of the siblings has already become official, the American/German 2023 Ford Ranger and VW Amarok pair already seem like a global mid-size pickup truck powerhouse. One that needs outstanding opponents. Anyone who regularly follows the international exploits of mid-size pickup trucks already knows very well that Ford’s Ranger is a major player around the world. There are major opposing forces, though. Such as the JDM representatives: Toyota’s Hilux, the Isuzu D-Max workhorse, or Mitsubishi’s L200, among others. Well, there was also one rival that now will become its most trusted architecture ally – Volkswagen’s Amarok. Joining forces means just one thing for both Ford and VW: a higher chance at worldwide mid-size pickup truck domination. Noticed how other European manufacturers are notably absent from the party? Well, Brazil-based virtual artist Kleber Silva, better known as kdesignag on social media, imagines a globetrotting resolution to this American/German predicament. With a short stopover in China, if we are to be utterly frank. This is because the CGI expert has imagined a measured Stellantis’ response. One in the form of a proposed Fiat Landtrek Ultra spiritual successor to the forgettable 2016-2019 Fiat Fullback. And just like the latter was based on the Mitsubishi L200, the former is yet another collaboration. An internal one, though. As such, the pixel master envisioned the Italian contender based on Peugeot’s Landtrek. Which, in turn, is actually based on a Chinese mid-size pickup truck produced by Changan Automobile, the Kaicene F70. Quite the globetrotter if you ask us. Anyway, just like the much better looking (if our own two cents are allowed) VW Taos Camp unibody compact pickup truck that was virtually devised on Ford Maverick’s DNA, this cross-over interpretation has also been received with mixed feelings by the digital content creator’s fan base. And, frankly, we are not in the least surprised this is not everyone’s cup of tea either.