Flated Tests Market With Unbelievable Inflatable Accessories for Nearly Any Vehicle


Folks, Flated is a crew from California with a dream of breathing new life into our beloved cars. The way they’re doing this is by unleashing an array of accessories that can be used to transform vehicles like a pickup truck and van into a mobile home and then some. However, what sets this manufacturer’s accessories apart from others on the market is that they’re all inflatable. Yes, inflatable in the same way you pump air into a balloon. Well, close to. I don’t recommend inflating one of these structures with lung power alone; you won’t make it too far. So you can understand how a manufacturer is able to develop inflatable products that perform like any other traditional product, it’s time to get to know what goes into each Flated accesory. Everything you’re about to meet is completed using a drop-stitch fabric that helps these accessories maintain their shape once inflated to high pressures. Made of polyester, the surface of each product remains rigid and “rock-hard.” Then you’ve got the sidewalls. Here, Flated uses PVC-layering techniques to develop a lateral wall that’s not just able to support the interior pressures but can easily be rolled up and stored whenever you’re done with the accessory. As for the accessories, four different structures are available for owners with different vehicles or different needs. A pet carrier, a pickup truck topper, an inflatable bed or camping surface, and a cargo carrier that can be fitted to some very small vehicles. The least expensive product and the one destined for owners of pets, Air-Chalet, is an inflatable pet carrier completed just like all other Flated products. With countless ventilation holes and mesh windows, no need to worry about a lack of air for your pet. Because Chalet is inflatable, if your pet loses its footing, there should be no problem if it makes contact with the walls. After all, you can control the amount of air in the structure. The largest Air-Chalet runs for 550 USD (482 EUR at current exchange rates). Up next, Air-Carrier is a rooftop cargo rack with up to 23 cubic feet (0.65 cubic meters) of storage space. Best of all, if your car doesn’t have a cargo rack, a strap system allows you to secure it to nearly any vehicle on the market. For the largest Carrier, you’ve got to dish out around 800 USD (704 EUR). As for the pickup truck owners out there, Air-Topper is the tool meant for you. An inflatable truck bed topper can transform your truck into a mobile habitat or anything else you have in mind. Being the largest and most expensive piece in this company’s lineup, Topper will cost you up to 2,000 USD (1,760 EUR) to own. Last but not least, my favorite accessory from this crew is Air-Deck. Simple, clean, and capable, this inflatable platform is suitable to sleep up to two or three guests, depending on body size, and even features a storage bay underneath. Perfect for transforming the rear of a van, pickup truck, or station wagon, into a mobile bedroom. 750 USD (660 EUR) is all you need for this trinket. The only downside is that you’ll need a pump to manifest each structure as Flated doesn’t include it in the price of each product. If there’s one thing I can say, I’m really curious about how these accessories fare while you’re driving around at 80 mph (128 kph) or more. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to explore what your vehicle can achieve, Flated and its lineup of goods is something to consider. I wonder what sort of warranty these things have.