FOR SALE: 2002 Jordan EJ12 Chassis No.1


Own a Piece of Racing History

Want to own a car that made its debut at Silverstone on the 22nd of January 2002? This is the car for you then. The 2002 Jordan EJ12 Chassis No.1 is currently for sale at The Market

The car was designed to last three seasons and the DHL deal went south when the car didn’t perform as expected. It only managed to collect nine points at the end of the season. The car was designed by Eghbal Hamidy. It was a new design and one based on the EJ11.

It features a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and a robust aerodynamics package. The original engine was replaced by a Judd KV8 Zytec S3000 Formula 30000 engine that can be started by one person at the push of a button. While not original, it’s definitely a much easier engine to have in the car. The transmission is a five-speed pneumatic paddle-shift Lola/Hewland gearbox.

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