Ford Bronco owners report roof issues


Market entry for the revived Ford Bronco has been challenging as the manufacturer faced major delays due to COVID-related supplier issues. Deliveries have finally begun, but Ford will have to face new challenges, this time over the quality of the 2021 Bronco.

Members of the Bronco6G forum have reported problems with the roof of an SUV, which may have a honeycomb or serpentine pattern on the surface. The first reports from the owners suggest that this is strictly visual, since the damage cannot be felt with the fingers.

Unfortunately, there is more to come. Other users have reported problems with headliners that separate from the roof panel. In addition, raw edges can fade and form small voids due to material loss. Some photos also show jagged gaps.

“The car was delivered 3 weeks ago without any visible problems. Even the “raw” (non-curled) edges were uniform in color and texture, and the headlining was great. Today, the headliner is separated from the roof panels in two places, the raw edges turn into light gray / white with small indentations visible due to the apparent loss of material, the sash opening line folds to an uneven width at the rear on the passenger side, and warpage / deflection around the roof bolts in the cargo hold, ”said one of the vehicle’s owners.

It looks like Ford is still unaware of the issues, but early 2021 Bronco owners are starting to report them to their dealers. According to the same user from the Bronco6G forum, the problems are related to the quality of the roof lamination.