Ford Bronco Sport Outsells the Body-On-Frame Bronco in 2021


2021 has been a pretty bad year for the Bronco. Not only did the Ford Motor Company got off to a rocky start with the rollout, but countless quality issues have pushed back deliveries for thousands of customers. As opposed to 204,610 units of the Jeep Wrangler, the body-on-frame Bronco sold merely 35,023 units in 2021 as per the automaker’s internal figures. Ford gingerly fails to mention if the four-door model is more popular than the two-door, which probably is considering the popularity of the JLU Wrangler. By comparison, the unibody Bronco Sport sold 108,168 units last year, up on both the Compass (75,642) and the subcompact-sized Renegade (47,137). Exclusively produced in Mexico at Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly, the Bronco Sport offers a three-cylinder turbo and eight-speed automatic transmission for the rather princely MSRP of $27,415 excluding destination charge. Four trim levels are listed by the 2022 configurator, and only the range-topping Badlands comes with the four-cylinder turbo 2.0-liter EcoBoost powerplant. Opting for the Badlands also means the AWD system levels up to Advanced 4×4 with a twin-clutch rear drive unit from GKN. As for the Bronco that everybody wants despite horrendous dealer markups, the Ford Motor Company lists the Ranger-based utility vehicle from $29,300 for the two-door Base trim and $33,450 for the four-door Base. Codenamed U725 and manufactured alongside the Ranger pickup truck in Michigan, the Bronco goes as high as $49,475 for the four-door Wildtrak. Considering how many options are currently offered by Ford and aftermarket companies, speccing up the Bronco exactly as you want may be extremely demanding. The Blue Oval has made things a little more complicated for 2022 with the introduction of many new options, including the Capable steel front bumper, two new colors, as well as the Mansquatch package. Come summer 2022, the current lineup will be joined by a snorkel-equipped special edition dubbed Everglades and the no-nonsense Bronco Raptor.