Ford Bronco Sport sounds more aggressive with new exhaust


Renowned tuning studio MagnaFlow has developed a “package” of upgrades for the standard exhaust system for the small SUV Ford Bronco Sport. Thanks to these updates, the car sounds much more interesting.

Mass production of the American SUV finally began earlier this month. Its “little brother”, the Bronco Sport, is also pretty impressive, but like all the other new cars that appear at the manufacturer’s factory, especially SUVs, the exhaust sound isn’t particularly fruity. Fortunately, for cars with a huge fan base and a lot of hype, there are a lot of different tuning shops out there to improve the exhaust sound. Renowned atelier MagnaFlow has just unveiled a new exhaust system for the little Bronco Sport. I must say that the SUV began to sound much more interesting.

The system is part of the MagnaFlow Street series and, as such, features CNC manufacturing and “dyno-proven performance”.

Oddly enough, fitting the next exhaust system does not translate into an increase in performance, but this is not too surprising considering that this is an incomplete system. What you’ve heard above is the result of a redesigned rear axle exhaust system. It features 2.5 “pipes, four” black chrome tailpipes and a “No Drone Technology” resonator that passively reduces unwanted noise frequencies. As you can see from the video, the sound from this system is excellent both inside and outside the car.

The upside of being a small upgrade rather than a complete system is that it doesn’t cost too much. While the MagnaFlow exhaust for the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and Chrysler 300C with a HEMI engine costs about $ 2,800, the rear axle system for the Bronco Sport is significantly cheaper at $ 899.

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