Ford Dealers Are Already Marking Up the F-150 Lightning $30,000


It’s no secret that the Ford F-150 Lightning is going to be a best-seller for the brand. Dealers are stepping in now to make sure that they pad their own wallets as much as possible too. We’re about to find out if customers will spend an extra $30,000 to be one of the first Lightning owners. It should be noted that there’s only a single dealer that we could find that’s charging that $30,000 markup. Still, many others are charging $10,000, so it won’t be too shocking if others are found in the coming days. That dealer is Koons Ford in Falls Church, Virginia. In an email obtained by they specifically state, “If you would like to be one of the first 25 orders there will be a $30,000 market adjustment. All other orders will have a $10,000 market adjustment to the MSRP. We will not be honoring any plan pricing at this time.” So pretty clearly, if you’re in the market for an F-150 Lightning, maybe avoid Koons Ford since many more Ford dealers have committed to honoring MSRP. Then there are all the ones in the middle that are still jacking up prices. Electrek pointed out a cool little tool called the EV Dealer Markup Tracker that is worth having a look at. For those in the market, it provides a lot of data from around the country about what dealers are charging for EVs. Interestingly, there’s a dealer about two hours from Falls Church listed with apparently no markup on the new F-150 Lightning. Still, there are a lot of markups happening. There are a lot of reasons for that too. The chip shortage isn’t helping, demand for EVs is growing too fast for automakers to keep up, and of course, dealerships aren’t nicknamed stealerships for no reason.