Ford engineers come up with a powerful cardboard air purifier to fight Covid-19


Engineers from the Ford Project Apollo team have found a cheap way to reduce the risks of indoor transmission of Covid-19. The Scrappy Filtration System has just received approval from the scientific journal Physics of Fluids.

There are only a few parts used in the Ford Air Purifier. It was developed as an inexpensive way to help people who need to be indoors. The system only requires a 20-inch case fan, a filter, and some cardboard. Such a kit can be assembled easily and cheaply by design. Ford donates 20,000 of these models to school districts in Los Angeles, New York, and throughout Southwest Michigan.

“We wanted to help low-income communities reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by air in poorly ventilated areas, and it’s great to not only develop something that can achieve this goal, but also have the data to back it up,” said Director of Research and Technology cars, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Cynthia Flanigan.

Indeed, an article entitled “Airborne Transmission and Mitigation of COVID-19 with Box Fan Air Purifiers in a Poorly Ventilated Classroom” describes a study using supercomputer airflow analysis.

Research has shown that the filter is a useful means of containing the spread of COVID-19 in poorly ventilated areas. The study is confirmed by the Delos & Mayo Clinic, which installed these air purifiers.

Ford also posted a template for its air purifier, which you can download for free or just check the images below.

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