Ford has planned massive software updates for its vehicles


American automaker Ford will expand Amazon Alexa capabilities and introduce a Sketch app for the infotainment screen.

Ford will introduce wireless updates to its vehicles through a service it calls Power-Up. Through it, Ford will update its infotainment and digital services, starting with the F-150, Mach-Es models.

For these vehicles, updates will continue as more and more vehicles begin to receive these capabilities. Ford’s next update will be the largest enhancement to Amazon Alexa infotainment technology in the industry.

Ford plans to roll out voice-activated control to 700,000 vehicles in the US and Canada this year, and millions in the coming years. The concern will also work together to improve technology.

The update is scheduled to begin this fall for the Bronco, Edge, F-150, Mach-E and Super Duty models. Ford promises that most updates will download quickly: within one night.

Ford will introduce new features such as Sketch, which allows users to draw on the infotainment screen. This technology will allow you to download BlueCruise wirelessly.

Advanced driving technology will take over some of the driving responsibilities on Ford’s signposted motorways. F-150 and Mach-E software will require additional investment for most vehicles.

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