Forgotten GMC Sierra Grande 1500 Hides a Big-Block Surprise, Vinyl Top Too


When you think of a range-topping pickup truck spending its time over in Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t an image of a dusty old rig like the GMC 1500 we have here. However, this truck, which was recently rescued from that part of New Mexico, made for a top dog back in the day.

We’re looking at a second-generation model (1967-1972) here, with this iteration of GM trucks marking the transition from workhorses to a more elevated use that included beefier engines and extra creature comforts. And this example has plenty of that, even though time hasn’t been particularly kind to it.

A Northern California-based crew dubbed mopars5150 came across the vehicle in one of its many trips and decided to take this home, not least thanks to the high-end spec of the half-ton machine.

It all starts under the hood, where we find a 396, and the 6.5L V8 is rated at 310 horsepower. The big-block is mated to a three-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic unit.

And, if we check out the sides of the long bed, we’ll notice the Sierra Grande badging, which signifies the presence of the range-topping trim offered for the late 1971 and 1972 model years.

The glove box door tag, which you’ll find in the Instagram post below, shows the machine comes with AM radio, and since 1971 was the first year to see such hardware installed from the factory, we know what to expect as far as the age of the machine. While the black paint covering significant parts of the grille, a trademark of the ’71 revamp, doesn’t seem to be here, that could be due to decay.

Speaking of which, all those years spent in the sun mean there’s not much left of the (white?) vinyl top adorning this Medium Green-finished GMC 1500.

Other features include the leaf spring rear suspension, which shows a work truck bias rather than the road manners aroma brought by the coil spring and trailing arm setup also available on certain GMCs of the sort.

And while we’re talking hooning, the crew took to the post’s comments section to let it slip that it also grabbed the factory tachometer. So, once this GMC gets the TLC it deserves, its future owner can properly play with that 396.