Forza Horizon 5 Sounds Better Than Ever With These New Engine Sounds


Car sounds and engine noises are what make a game like Forza Horizon great, but with FH4 the community was often left disappointed. It seems that Playground Games listened to all the feedback because it has recently revealed a whole set of new audio enhancements in the works for the upcoming FH5.

In the latest episode of the studio’s “Let’s Go” stream that aired this Monday, Playground Games’ Lead Audio Designer Fraser Strachan gave us a glimpse of what FH5 will look and sound like. The team has recorded over 320 new car sounds on top of the existing library using something called ”the granular synthesis technique.”

Unlike the old method, which involved putting a car in a garage and on a dyno, then getting it to play at different RPM, this one actually recorded the noises from the track. The difference is that the previous one was carried out in a simulated environment, and more often than not, it produced audio that sounds as such.

Over the last three years, Playground has borrowed cars that were one by one driven and tested on the track. By using granular synthesis, the team incorporated the rev sounds recorded from at least eight microphones attached to the vehicles into the existing library.

The audio enhancements don’t stop there. Every noise the player’s car produces in the game will be affected by each powertrain tweak and even variations in tire size. Fraser Strachan shows us how different intake valves work on a 2005 Vauxhall Monaro VXR, going between stock, street, sport, and race models. He then demonstrates how different exhausts, as well as camshafts, aspirators, and twin-turbo units, sound on the vehicle.

Playground wants to make sure that the player’s vehicle sounds are spot on, so it has included some additional engine swapping possibilities. And if you’re thinking that there won’t be that many options, think again. Creative director Mike Brown confirmed that FH5 will actually include over 500 new engine swaps.

You can see for yourself what the team has been planning out. There are lots of new features and enhancements that you can hear and get all excited about in the videos below.