Freecom 4X Bluetooth Communicator Connects Up to Four Riders, Boasts a Range of 0.7 Miles


Cardo Systems is already popular for its wireless communication solutions for motorcycle riders, but the company aims to up its game even more with its latest range of Bluetooth communicators.

There are four models to choose from in the new range: Cardo Spirit, Cardo Spirit HD, Cardo Freecom 2X, and Cardo Freecom 4X. The most affordable but also the most basic in features is Spirit, which can connect up to two riders and has a range of 1,312 ft (400 m). It is available to pre-order at approximately 115$.

But we’re going to focus on the Freecom 4X in this article, as it is intriguingly described by its manufacturer as the world’s best Bluetooth communicator.

The Freecom 4X is the richest one in features and allows communication between up to four riders. It offers a range of up to 0.74 miles (1.2 km) and it packs 40mm JBL speakers. You can choose between three distinctive audio profiles to suit your riding needs. Just like you would expect it, the Freecom 4X is waterproof and dust, mud, and snow resistant.

With universal Bluetooth connectivity and voice control, this Cardo communicator makes sure you can easily connect to any headset brand and you can easily operate the device while still keeping your eyes on the road and staying safe on your bike. In addition to all the features included with the other three models, this one also offers an auto-reconnecting Bluetooth feature for four riders. Cardo also boasts of the superior live, natural sound of the Freecom 4X.

Other notable features are the automatic volume which adjusts the sound volume based on the external ambient noise, the ability to make calls, control your GPS, stream music from your phone, all via voice control or a simple touch of a finger. Fast charging is also included with the Freecom 4X, which gives you two hours of talk time after just 20 minutes of charging.

The Bluetooth communicator can be pre-ordered now for $305, with shipping starting on December 1st.