Full range of services available at all authorised Volkswagen dealerships


Car companies do their best to provide as much convenience as possible to customers and owners of their products. Whether it is enquiring about a new model or sending a vehicle for servicing, the more convenient it is, the better the experience of the brand. For this reason, many companies have made their retail outlets 3S or 4S types, meaning sales, service and sale of spare parts are all at one location. ‘4S’ includes additional services such as accident repairs and refinishing. It is the norm these days and businessmen who wish to become dealers must be willing to make the big investments to build such facilities. Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has followed this policy and can now say that virtually all its authorised dealerships in the country are now either 3S or 4S outlets, with the exception of one which is 2S (service and spares). There are currently 17 Volkswagen dealerships and one service partner, strategically located in key regions to provide customers with sales and aftersales services. All dealer groups are equipped with the expertise, personnel and equipment to maintain Volkswagen models. In addition, VPCM is continuously working with its dealer partners to enhance customer satisfaction by providing professional, attentive, and top-level services. These efforts are evident in the Car.Advisor ratings given by customers. Car.Advisor is an independent third-party platform that manages customer satisfaction for the Volkswagen brand. Volkswagen Malaysia has achieved an average 4.93/5 star for its sales experience on Car.Advisor, whilst aftersales services received 4.76/5 star (these annual results are as of April 2022). Ratings and reviews for each dealership are transparently shown on the website and accessible by the public. Providing 3S and 4S outlets that offer the full range of services at one location is part of the company’s Volkswagen Cares initiative to enhance the ownership experience for customers. According to Erik Winter, Managing Director of VPCM, a smooth and memorable ownership experience is important. “Customer service makes all the difference because it elevates the ownership experience. Now with a strong network of 3S and 4S centres, we are providing convenience for Volkswagen owners from around the country. We are also practising transparency with our customer satisfaction because ratings and reviews are available on the Car.Advisor website, and this pushes us and our dealer partners to continue improving our offerings too,” he said. To locate an authorised Volkswagen dealership in Malaysia, visit www.volkswagen.com.my. The post Full range of services available at all authorised Volkswagen dealerships appeared first on News and reviews on Malaysian cars, motorcycles and automotive lifestyle.  » Read More