Functional ‘talking’ KITT for sale in Germany


Finally, an automotive virtual assistant we can all get behind. A fan has created a voice-activated ‘talking’ KITT Trans Am, and it could be yours.

When Knight Rider turbo-boosted its way onto TV screens back in 1982, the future of self-driving, self-talking automotive technology was already in our heads. And yet, four decades later, we’re yet to match the politeness and accuracy of the Knight Industries Two Thousand, that is… until now.

Offered for sale in Germany is a very detailed KITT replica, based of course on a 1984 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, which has been upgraded with 21st-century technology to operate via voice command. What’s more, this one speaks English and German.

The seller, who has documented his ownership of the car at, is a long-time Knight Rider fan and set about not only creating a very detailed replica, but also creating one that worked.

He has used audio samples from the TV show’s original English and German actors to provide the ‘voice’ and set a series of commands to operate the lights and sounds in the car, including the ‘wooh wooh’ scanner noise and even playing the show’s synth-pop theme song. You’re even able to change the voice to be that of KARR, the ‘evil’ KITT (which was actually a two-tone Trans Am).

We’ve attached the video demonstration below. It is mostly in German, but you get the idea.

As of writing, bidding for the car at is currently at €50,000 (AU$77,850), with a few hours left to run.

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