Garage-Kept 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Flexes Old-School Customization, Low Mileage


As if the 1965 Corvette wasn’t already a head-turning machine, the example that we have here comes with a series of extras that make it even more compelling, including a complete and entirely original interior.

But let’s start with the essential information that anyone can figure out by simply browsing the photo gallery in the article.

This 1965 Corvette has already received a series of customizations, and eBay seller lexcyny says they have all been made in the late ‘70s. In other words, this Corvette comes with some old-school mild tuning, but at the same time, there’s something that you may not necessarily be excited about: the paint.

The current finish that you see on the body isn’t the original one that came with the Corvette when it rolled off the assembly lines, and the seller explains the car has been repainted at some point during the ‘70s.

And even worse, it’s now showing signs of wear, which means that whoever ends up buying the Corvette might have no other option than to repaint it for the second time, especially if what they’re aiming for is a mint condition with a spotless body.

And yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean the car no longer looks good. It does, and partially to thank to for the whole thing is the previous owner of the Corvette, who took proper care of it for over 30 years and always kept it inside a garage.

The 350 (5.7-liter) LT1 engine under the hood is said to “run amazing,” while the tires are old and would almost certainly need to be replaced. The odometer indicates just 33,500 miles (54,000 miles), all believed to be original.

If this is a Corvette that tickles your fancy, be ready to spend big money on it. However, the seller is willing to let it go for nearly $40,000, and he also enabled the “Make Offer” button, meaning that he might consider other deals.