General Motors defends Holden parts delays and slow warranty claims


Holden customers say it is harder to get parts and service support – and warranty claims covered – since the sudden departure of the brand two years ago. GM says it is honouring its end of the deal.

Trent Nikolic


The Australian boss of General Motors Speciality Vehicles (GMSV) – the company that was formed following the shock closure of Holden two years ago to maintain a presence in Down Under – said it is not aware of any delays in parts and service support or warranty claims in the wake of Holden’s departure.

During a briefing with media from Australia and New Zealand in Detroit this week, the managing director of General Motors Speciality Vehicles, Mark Ebolo, was asked about parts, service and warranty concerns since the Holden shutdowns.

When asked whether the ongoing parts and service support for the close to 1 million Holdens on Australia roads had gone as planned, Mr Ebolo said: “There’s a lot to the parts. Global shortages … affecting parts supply,” before offering to find out more information from the company’s aftersales parts and service division.

“In terms of service, we are where we envisioned,” and noted there are still more than 200 Holden service outlets in Australia.


When asked if GM – and Holden service centres – had noticed a drop-off in the number of service customers, Mr Ebolo said: “We still have an aftersales marketing campaign, we have done radio advertising, (race driver) Craig Lowndes, the ‘dream machine’ competition to win a Corvette. We are absolutely committed to keeping our customer base going.”

Mr Ebolo was then asked if any Holden customers were being denied legitimate warranty claims – including on vehicles whose coverage had just lapsed.

The executive was also asked if it was true that General Motors “has nothing to lose” and “no reputation to protect” now that Holden is gone.

“I will say internally, we have an extremely strong focus on (parts, service and warranty support),” said Mr Ebolo.

“We have continued procedures in place. Our Holden dealers represent the brand and we expect exemplary service. We will continue to support that (and) support the customers.”

Trent Nikolic

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