General Motors Is Building a New Electric Delivery Van, This Time for Verizon


General Motors aims to reimagine the commercial delivery and logistics industry through its BrightDrop business unit. The startup focuses on offering solutions that reduce emissions and decarbonize last-mile deliveries, and its electric vehicles are part of its portfolio of products, services, and software.

The automotive corporation recently announced a record in the company’s history with its first electric light commercial vehicle, the EV600, which is going to be used by FedEx Express as a delivery van. GM boasts of the EV being the fastest-developed vehicle it ever built, requiring 20 months to be completed from concept to commercialization. Now the automaker is dropping another piece of news, announcing that a new vehicle is on its way.

It is also a delivery van similar to the EV600 but it has a shorter wheelbase of approximately 150 in (3.8 meters), a length of 240 in (6 m), and over 400 cubic ft of cargo area. The new mid-size van is called EV410, and it will be part of Verizon’s service fleet, helping the telecommunications company achieve net-zero operational emissions by 2035.

GM will include all the safety and convenience features of its bigger sibling in the BrightDrop EV410. In addition, it will offer a range of 250 miles on a single charge and a gross vehicle weight rating of fewer than 10,000 lbs (4,535 kg).

The EV410 comes with automatic emergency braking, front and rear park assist, forward collision alert, front pedestrian braking, an HD rear vision camera, all offered as standard features. You can also opt for additional ones such as blind zone steering assist, reverse automatic braking, HD surround vision, and more.

While the EV600 is completed and ready to hit the streets later this year, the EV410 is only scheduled for production in 2023.