General Motors presented a sketch of a strange car without doors


We are presented with a hybrid of a sports car and a crossover, which, judging by the hashtags, may be related to Cadillac.

General Motors Design’s Instagram page regularly features sketches of a wide variety of projects to get a sense of what the people who create cars think. However, the latter work is perplexing, because we cannot say for sure what kind of car it is.

From the angle we see this long, low-slung car, only the tiny rear window can be seen in addition. The front part is not visible, but the car doors are definitely not on the render. The wheels are located in the extreme corners, protruding beyond the body. There is a deep fold from the front wing to the lower hind wing.

There is also a strange recess in the back – it is unlikely that it does not have any function other than aesthetic. There is a two-piece spoiler at the back and this is a window that seems functionally useless. There are L-shaped taillights, a large rear bumper and a large diffuser.

While the stern resembles a crossover, the rest of the car has a distinctly sporty look due to its tapered wedge shape.

In general, a production car with this appearance would look spectacular on the road, but in a world dominated by crossovers and SUVs, it has no chance of becoming a bestseller. The hashtags under the post suggest that the design is aimed at Cadillac.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that a futuristic Geely Vision Starburst electric car with illuminated wheel arches was presented. The car received an original appearance, but it was not originally intended for the conveyor.