GMC Blue Chip Classic Truck Didn’t Get LEGO’s Blessing, and It’s a Pity


Certain examples have been brought back to life, retaining the original characteristics, whereas others have been resurrected with a modern twist, which includes a lot of power, among others.

As for this Blue Chip, it could have sat on your desk, but unfortunately, it didn’t get enough votes to convince LEGO that it deserves a place on their shelves, wrapped in a card box.

A 1957 model, the GMC Blue Chip 100 can be seen on the Danish toymaker’s official website here. It was chosen by Ing-Manuel because it represents “a beautiful example of vintage American design,” in his opinion, and he “prefers this over other vintages”.

He built the two pickups, one in light blue and the other in dark red, using 2,375 small bricks for the entire set, and each one is 12 in (304 mm) long, 4.8 in (122 mm) wide, and 4.5 in (114 mm) tall.

The attention to detail is very impressive, inside and out, as both classic trucks look pretty much like their real counterparts. They also feature doors, hoods, and tailgates that can be opened and closed, and small replica engines behind those shiny grilles.

Speaking of things that shine, their appearance is contrasted by chrome accents. And that’s not all, because as it can be seen in one of the pics, it has what appears to be a steering system, as well as two exhaust pipes connected to the mill.

Too bad LEGO decided not to give it a shot.