GM’s New $71 Million California Design Center Will Skyrocket Tech Development


General Motors is as serious as can be about its expansion strategy and advancing automotive technology. Marking yet another milestone on its road to developing alternative mobility applications, GM is building a new, state-of-the-art Advanced Design and Technology Campus in Southern California.

After recently celebrating 20 years of production, GM’s North Hollywood Studio will soon become history, as it’s being replaced with a new Design Center that’s tailored for next-generation technology developments.

The main purpose of the nearly 149,000-square-foot campus will be to focus on alternative mobility projects that are separate from GM’s current vehicle production plans. The company has already taken big steps in this direction, supporting projects like BrightDrop (a commercial delivery company based on all-electric services) or the lunar rover concept, together with Lockheed Martin.

Sitting on 8 acres of land, the new campus will not only be large enough for expanded teams of experts, but it will be endowed with cutting-edge tools and equipment. Starting from an optimized layout, which will eliminate interferences with the paint, metal and plastic workshops, the campus will add an innovation lab for design tools, an advanced user experience design studio, and will implement tools virtual reality and other immersive technology features.

GM is investing in other technology campuses as well, like the Design West facility that is under construction at the Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, or the Advanced Design Center in Shanghai, China, that is being expanded. What’s special about Southern California, though, is that it’s one of the greatest design and innovation hubs in North America, with its technology centers and leading universities. This will help GM recruit the best experts for its ambitious development plans.

With more physical space and the latest equipment and capabilities, GM wants to have the best team and resources not just for automotive design, but also aerospace engineering and defense applications.

GM’s new Advanced Design and Technology Campus in Pasadena is expected to open in the second half of 2022. Until then, design operations will carry on at the current North Hollywood Center.