Gold body accents make this BMW 5 Series ugly


The owner of this Bavarian BMW 5 Series sedan from the UK has clearly gone overboard with the gold body accents. With their help, he transformed the appearance of his car and, in our opinion, quite unsuccessfully.

A photo of an unusual premium BMW 5 Series sedan has been posted on local forums in the UK. At the front of the car is a “gold” splitter with two small steel tubes attaching it to the front bumper. Speaking of the bumper, it also includes a few gold accents, including “ducks” on the sides and horizontal fins at the bottom of the grille.

Elsewhere in this photo, which was posted on Reddit, the three vertical grille bars were trimmed in gold, while the headlights also feature gold accents.

In addition, the owner of this car has attached a pair of cheap-looking air vents to the hood, while there are gold side skirts on the sides behind the front wheels and gold frames for the direction indicators. These gold accents are also found on the side mirrors, B-pillars and side window frames. While we don’t have images showing the rear of this BMW car, it looks like it also has some gold add-ons.

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