Google Announces Major Update, Fingers Crossed for Android Auto Fixes


If you’re looking for a phone to run Android Auto, there’s no doubt the first model that comes to mind is a Google Pixel. After all, it all makes sense. A Google phone running a Google app should be a match made in heaven with a super-reduced likelihood of problems. But as many people figured out the hard way, this isn’t at all the case. And not even the latest and greatest Pixel guarantees a smooth ride on Android Auto. Fortunately, however, Google keeps polishing the experience with its Pixel phones, and today, the company announced the January 2022 update with lots of fixes. The changelog includes only the “notable” improvements, so fingers crossed for some Android Auto refinements to be included as well. One of the most widespread glitches hitting Pixel owners running Android Auto causes the app to crash at random times while driving. Android Auto is therefore incredibly unstable, in some cases becoming impossible to use due to all these problems, even when using a Google Pixel 6. “Pixel 6 constantly disconnects from AA making it unusable. Tried office pixel cable and 7 other cables of various sizes and brands. Reset the Audi MMI. Removed and added phone again via Bluetooth, set as priority. Nothing makes any difference. My wife’s Pixel 4A works flawlessly in the car so it’s clearly a Pixel 6 issue,” one user explains in a post in a lengthy discussion thread on Google’s forums. At this point, the rollout of the new software update for the Pixel is still in its early stages, so it’ll take a while until we finally figure out if any Android Auto fixes are included or not. Google is also projected to release a new version of Android Auto later this month, once again with more fixes, so with a little luck, the experience behind the wheel could soon become a lot more polished for Pixel owners.