Google Just Managed to Restore the Android Auto Feature Everybody Loves and Needs


But on the other hand, this transition to a more modern approach also meant that some features, including the calendar and the weather widgets, didn’t make the cut, with Google later trying to address these shortcomings with updates supposed to bring back part of the lost functionality.

The weather information eventually returned to Android Auto, not as a widget but as a small icon displayed in the top right corner, therefore still letting users take a peek at the current temperature no matter what’s running on the screen.

This feature was received with much enthusiasm by users out there, but unfortunately for many of them, it never worked as smoothly as they expected it to work.

And earlier this year, the weather indicator disappeared completely for some of them, with nothing, not even a downgrade to an earlier version of Android Auto, bringing it back.

Since then, Google has received tons of feedback on the whole thing, and despite the many updates that Android Auto has received lately, the weather indicator still didn’t show up.

Until this week, that is, as Google has finally confirmed that it managed to fix whatever the problem was, with the weather indicator now showing up for everybody on Android Auto.

No indication has been offered on whether the fix is part of the latest Android Auto version or not, but I’m guessing it’s a server-related patch, so in theory, you may not have to do anything on your side to get the forecast while driving.

Just to be sure, however, you can still update to the latest Android Auto version (the newest build is 6.8.6133, and it was rolled out earlier this week).