Google Looking Into Mysterious Android Auto Error Breaking Down GPS


Applications like Google Maps and Waze need to connect to GPS in order to locate users on the map and then provide instructions on how to reach their destinations. The same thing also happens on Android Auto, so despite the Google Maps and Waze interface being mirrored on the larger screen inside the car, the apps still need to lock the GPS connection before anything else. It’s not a secret that navigation apps sometimes misbehave on Android Auto, with users every once in a while complaining that such software can no longer figure out where they are. And as a result, the guidance to a defined destination is useless as well. Someone on Google’s forums claims they have come across a new glitch with GPS in their cars. When the Samsung Galaxy S21 is connected to their Volkswagen, the signal is lost, and the device shows a message reading “Searching GPS.” Of course, this makes it impossible to run the likes of Google Maps, and workarounds like disabling battery optimization, which could be responsible for cutting the GPS connection, don’t make any difference. Oddly enough, there’s just one report in this regard, but a member of the Android Auto team says the problem has already been submitted to Google for further investigation. While this could be a sign that more users are hitting the same glitch, it remains to be seen if others end up reporting the same error too. In the meantime, if you too are struggling with this problem on Android Auto, you’d better not hold your breath for a fix too soon. Given the glitch is still under investigation, it could take a while until the Mountain View-based search giant comes up with a fix, especially if the error itself isn’t exactly widespread at this point. Anyone struggling with the GPS connection on Android Auto should reach out to Google or leave a message in our comment section below.