Google Maps Apparently Told Someone to Drive Into a Mango Tree, the Internet Goes Nuts


As it’s not already obvious, always trusting GPS software and navigation apps, be they Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or other big names, isn’t at all recommended. The smallest map error could turn a simple drive into a nightmare, and unfortunately, many people out there figured this out on their own. Now someone living in Ghana came up with a story that went viral pretty fast. In a post on Twitter, they claim Google Maps instructed them to turn left and drive directly into a mango tree. The navigation app allegedly took the driver off the main route and suggested an alternate route through the bush where the mango tree in question was located as well. To be clear, Google Maps didn’t specifically tell the driver to hit the mango tree, but the suggested route would have ended with such an unexpected encounter anyway. The tweet, which has also been picked up by several news sites, has been followed by several posts from other Google Maps users who came across awkward suggestions that sometimes got them driving in the middle of nowhere or on roads that weren’t necessarily drive-worthy. Without a doubt, Google Maps providing inaccurate navigation solutions isn’t by any means impossible, especially because the maps it’s based on can’t be 100 percent accurate and up-to-date all the time. This is where the driver behind the wheel needs to make a better decision. As said, nobody should ever take for granted what the navigation app says, especially when they drive on roads they don’t know. The living proof in this regard is a tragic case that made the headlines last year. Two young Russians ended up being directed by Google Maps to an abandoned route where their car eventually broke down. Without a cellular signal and trying to deal with brutally cold weather, the driver eventually froze to death, while the passenger was found by emergency teams with serious injuries.