Gordon Murray Will Present His New V12 GT – the GMA T.33 – on January 27


Apart from the GMA T.50, Gordon Murray once said that his company would probably be able to make only another car without any sort of electrification. We now know that this vehicle will be called T.33 and that it will make its premiere on January 27. Gordon Murray Automotive did not disclose much information about the car apart from the fact that it will be a GT (grand touring) and will be manufactured in Highams Park, in Walham Forest, UK. That’s where the company established its new HQ and Technology Campus. GMA has already invested £50 million ($67.7 million under the current exchange rate) to prepare the location for all its new purposes. Like the T.50, the T.33 will use the iStream manufacturing method. Developed to reduce the production costs of any vehicle, iStream will not mean that the T.33 will be an affordable vehicle – on the contrary. With models that will only have 100 units produced, it will be more affordable than the T.50, but anything below £2.36 million ($3.19 million) would fit that description. In an interview with Auto Express, Murray said that the T.33 would demand a new platform because it will be a two-seater without the same technical resources as the T.50, such as the fan that will make it a track monster. Gordon Murray’s signature and the 3.9-liter V12 engine conceived by Cosworth are not the only elements the T.33 will inherit from the T.50. The designer’s obsession with low weight should also be included. It will be interesting to see how Gordon Murray will conciliate that with the premise that grand tourers are luxurious vehicles. That typically implies bulky sound-deadening materials, expensive leather, and other accessories that make any car heavier than it would be in different circumstances. We’re just a few days from finding out.