Gorgeous 1965 Corvette Sells with Two Engines, Original V8 Removed to Retain Low Mileage


Low-mileage classic cars in mint condition are typically the dream of every collector out there, so it’s not really a surprise they end up costing a small fortune. Just take this 1965 Chevrolet Corvette that we have here for example. The photos in the gallery are worth a thousand words, and they clearly show the Corvette comes in nearly tip-top shape. What’s even more impressive is the car has actually been pulled from a barn a few years ago, so whoever parked it for long-term storage clearly knew what they were doing. It makes little sense to discuss metal issues, as it’s pretty clear the Corvette doesn’t have any. The car exhibits the typical signs of wear on the Nassau Blue paint, but other than that, it’s totally impressive in every regard. More interesting is what’s under the hood. At this point, the car is powered by a 355 (5.8-liter) V8 with approximately 425 horsepower. In case you’re wondering what happened to the original engine, the answer is rather unexpected. A previous owner had the brilliant idea to remove the matching-numbers 327 (5.3-liter) with 350 horsepower specifically to preserve its low mileage. And while there’s a new engine in the car right now, whoever buys this Corvette also gets the original 327 in case they want to install it back in the Vette. Needless to say, everything is there and in a solid shape. Going with the car are also the original 1965 Corvette manuals, a cover, and the spare tire carrier. It’s not really a surprise that this Corvette isn’t selling cheap. The online auction started by eBay user classicautoshowplace is currently underway, and the top bid already exceeds $50,000. Given the reserve is yet to be triggered, netizens need to do better than this to be able to park this Corvette in their garage.