Graft’s 4WD Electric ATV Claims to Be Half the Weight of Average Off-Road Quads


Taiwan-based EV manufacturer Graft boasts of its QD.41 as being the first true narrow-track, electric 4WD ATV. With QD being short for quad, the lightweight vehicle is ready to easily take you off-road and on trails, being equipped for both fun and work. It is the creation of a company headquartered in New Taipei City, founded by American engineer Azizi Tucker, who has an impressive background. He was one of the first 100 people to work at Tesla, he worked on NASA’s SDO (Solar Dynamic Observatory) satellite, and he built himself his first bike when he was only 13. The QD.41 is one of Graft’s three upcoming electric vehicles, with the manufacturer also working on a light, electric off-road motorcycle and a versatile UTV (utility terrain vehicle). At 110 kg (242 lb), the ATV is advertised as an ultralight four-wheeler, with Graft claiming that most ATVs weigh more than 550 lb (250 kg), which seems to be about right. With a 4130 Chromoly frame, no shafts and gears, and just four moving parts, the QD.41 is a reliable but zero-maintenance vehicle. It is equipped with high grip tires. Graft is short on details so far, but it does mention that the ATV comes with a premium suspension and CNC-machined control arms and hubs. It features a touchscreen display that offers information on the vehicle’s speed, battery, power, and so on. Being electric, it is a silent vehicle, which makes it a great solution for search and rescue missions. It is also IP67 rated, meaning it is water-resistant for up to 1 meter deep, for half an hour. The QD.41 offers 440 Nm of rear-wheel torque and 20 kW of peak power. Another notable feature of the ATV is its swappable battery system, which is developed in-house and is compatible across the entire range of Graft EVs. No information is provided yet on the range of the QD.41. Graft’s online shop is still in the works and none of its products are available to order right now, but the manufacturer ensures potential customers that they’ll all be available to purchase them soon. For now, here’s a rendering of the QD.41 ATV.