GReddy’s Nissan Z Hits A GPS-Verified 177 MPH During Track Test


The 2023 Nissan Z has a limited top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h) but how fast can it actually go when pushed to its limits?

In a bid to answer that question, a crew of Japanese car testers put the Z through its paces on a slopped track. Details about the Z used in the test are unclear but it reportedly benefits from a tune, likely courtesy of GReddy based on the large stickers running along the car’s sides. It’s safe to assume that the top speed limiter has also been removed.
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Onboard footage from the test shows that the driver was able to push the car through to 285 km/h or 177 mph. That wasn’t the top speed displayed on the digital instrument cluster either and was instead a GPS-verified speed.  » Read More