Greenly Carriage Is a Vintage Train Turned Off-Grid Home: Makes Money on Airbnb


Folks, out in Australia, there’s a place known as the Eyre Peninsula. You may have heard of this place if you regularly use Airbnb and travel to Southern Australia. It’s here you’ll find one of the oddest and most vintage vehicle conversions I’ve run across in a while. What you’re looking at is known as Greenly Carriage, and it’s a place you can rent for as long as you’ve got the cash. Why would I be showing you some rentable establishment? Well, the neat thing about Greenly Carriage is that it’s a home that’s been converted from an old train carriage picked up by Tara and Luke Rowe. That’s right folks, you can rent and sleep in an off-grid habitat made out of an old train carriage. Best of all, this home overlooks a 300-acre farm that’s bound to reenergize you like very few other places around. Time to see what you get for a tad over 200 USD (176 EUR at current exchange rates) a night for two guests. Now, because living out of a train isn’t something you normally do, not under these circumstances anyway, the rest of the interior is designed to keep you comfortable and seems to have the ability to transport its guests to a place a tad before the age we currently live in. From the exterior, the train carriage is rather easy to make out. However, some modern touches have been applied, one of which is solar power, established by a set of panels pointed at the Sun. A patio annex completed from solid wood includes a dining table and seating, perfect for alfresco dining, and a fire pit adds even more options for bonding and connecting with loved ones and nature. Inside, as small as the home may look, it can still sleep up to 2 adults and 2 children. This is made possible with a queen-size bed and convertible sofa. Vintage furnishings also make up the rest of the space. With things like a bookshelf, wooden interior siding, and wood-burning stove, this place sounds like the perfect place to settle down and complete that book you’ve been working on. The interior also features a kitchen and dining room with the necessary equipment to sustain life for all folks involved. In the kitchen, there’s also a two-burner gas stove with an overhead hood, a two-basin farmhouse sink with running water, and a large fridge for food and beverage storage. Here’s a neat little thing about Greeny. Once you’re done enjoying your meal, instead of throwing scraps away, all you’ve got to do is feed everything to the worm farm found on the property. Smart move if you ask me, especially if guests can fish nearby. The bathroom isn’t too shabby either. A shower with tile wall, vanity and sink, and toilet, easily accessible from the bedroom. You’ll find everything you need to feel comfortable and clean. Imagine for a moment that you wake up and peer out of the massive window at the foot of your bed, all the while seeing the rising Australian Sun…out of a repurposed train compartment! Pretty neat, huh? Best of all, Greenly is a stone’s throw away from the ocean, and there seem to be no neighbors for quite the distance; privacy is yours to do as you wish. Maybe explore nature as nature intended. While this train car no longer serves its intended purpose, Greenly Carriage serves as a great example of what you can do with little investment and a whole lot of dreaming. Let me know how your trip was if you ever make it out there.