GTA Online LS Tuners Update Cars Drag Racing Prove Speed Is Relative


GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update landed just at the right time, as the WWW was all about GTA 6 rumors and just how much of a waste of time the enhanced version of GTA V due in the fall actually is in the long term.

But the LS Tuners update is something that certainly breathes new life into the 2013 game, once again showing that Rockstar has no reason to rush things and bring GTA 6 to the market earlier than planned.

As you probably know already if you’re a GTA fan, the LS Tuners update is all about cars and cars only. Rockstar has included 10 new highly customizable models, with more joining the lineup as part of the subsequent updates, therefore giving GTA a completely new purpose: one that’s all about building a fast and unique ride just the way you want.

And while GTA isn’t necessarily a racing game, the performance of the cars included in this update is something that’s catching all the attention these days.

This is why this video published on the YouTube channel hella-flush is worth watching in the first place. The clip shows the newly released cars that are included in the LS Tuners update drag racing, all with just one purpose: to figure out which one is the fastest, both in the stock configuration and when lowered.

While I’m not going to drop any spoilers, let me tell you just one thing: there’s no real winner in this drag race, mostly because each car not only comes with its own strong points but can also be further tuned and customized to significantly improve its performance just the way the player wants.

Some cars are faster than others, that’s true, but on the other hand, with the right modifications and upgrades, any model can become a rocket ready to cruise on the streets of Los Santos and wreak havoc in the pure GTA V style.