GTA Online Players Getting Half a Million GTA$ Bonus Gift This Week


There’s a lot happening in GTA Online over the next week, but to actually get the GTA$500,000 bonus gift, you just need to log in and play for just a bit. You’ll be getting the fund deposited into your Maze Bank account within 72 hours of login after December 2.

But that’s not the only freebie thrown at GTA Online players this week. Rockstar announced that all players will receive the Still Slipping Friend Tee free of charge for playing any time this week. And if you’re feeling lucky, you can top by the lobby of The Diamond Casino and Resort until December 2 to give the Lucky Wheel a spin and you can walk away to the incredible Grotti Visione sports car.

Performing well in the Pursuit Series for 4 days in a row will reward GTA Online players with the Annis ZR350, another very fast car. Fans who just want to try sport cars can head to the Test Track to spin the tires on the Karin Calico GTF, Pfister Comet S2, and the Vapid Dominator ASP.

A handful of modes are making a comeback in GTA Online, such as Overtime Rumble, Top Fun, Welcoming Party, and Weed Killer. They all offer double GTA$ and RP for the entire week.

Players who complete any Prep Mission for The Cayo Perico Heist will receive the Orange Glow Shades. Moreover, completing The Cayo Perico Heist Finale at any point between now and December 1 will reward players with the Orange Skull Emissive Mask.

As usual, a bunch of discounts are available this week: both the Dinka Veto Classic and Modern are 40% off. Additionally, a selection of other vehicles is on sale right now: Kurts 31 Patrol Boat (40% off), Sparrow (40% off), Kraken Avisa (40% off), Weaponized Dinghy (40% off), and Vapid Slamtruck (40% off).