Harley-Davidson Black Joe Looks Invisible in the Dark, Growl Should Scare the Curious Away


It’s no secret black looks great on pretty much everything, but one has to admit, there are times when the non-color seems to be used to such an extent it kind of loses its appeal. Until something like the motorcycle we have here comes along and twists that around all over again. For a motorcycle whose production name screams darkness, black, of course, seems like the obvious choice. And that’s the path Japanese custom shop Bad Land took (once more) when it decided to come up with a beautifully crafted Night Train. Shown for the first time back in 2016, the Black Joe, as the motorcycle we have here is called, seems like the perfect monster machine to be lurking in the dark on, but at the same time it is a perfect billboard to advertise the shop’s custom building skills. Propped on Rick’s Motorcycles Rodder wheels, sized 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear, and shod in Metzeler rubber, the Black Joe is draped, front to rear, in Bad Land items the garage is advertising as being one-offs. Up front, we get a Japanese-made triple tree, handlebar and headlight, further back we’re treated to a custom fuel tank and air cleaner, while the rear ends in a unique exhaust system and swingarm. The fenders that cover both wheels are also made by the Japanese garage. A few others contributed elements to the build as well, including Ken’s Factory, who supplied the footpeg, or Performance Machine from where the grip comes from. The engine on the Night Train seems to have remained the stock one, and, apart from the changes to its breathing pathways, it should retain the distinctive American growl. As usual, Bad Land does not say how much the Black Joe cost to put together.