Harley-Davidson Kingdom Bows to No One, Looks Ready to Invade Something


This weekend, we’ve decided to tour a bit the Japanese motorcycle custom scene, and we’ve chosen builds with the vaguest of geographical references. Yesterday, we had the Nazareth, a 2007 Night Train converted into an extreme Euro-spec low rider. Today, we’re having a look at another FXSTB softail, one titled post-modifications Kingdom.

Just like the Nazareth, this one too is the work of a Japanese custom shop that goes by the name Bad Land. This two-wheeler started out as a 2009 Harley of the said family, and it too got changed into a long and low build, riding on a massive rear tire conversion.

Rocking a modified frame inside which sits the largely unchanged original engine, the bike rides on Bad Land-made wheels, sized 21 inches front and 18 inches rear, and shod in Avon tires. The Japanese shop is also responsible, aside from making the overall build, for a long list of other custom bits that went into this thing, including the triple tree, headlight, handlebar, fenders, and fuel tank.

We’re not being told if any modifications have been made to the powerplant that animates the Kingdom other than the fact it was fitted with a new exhaust, air cleaner, and oil tank, all of them made in-house by the shop responsible for the conversion.

The covers for the engine, as do others deployed on the motorcycle, come from Ken’s factory, while braking power is ensured by Brembo hardware.

Bad Land is not in the habit of letting people know how much its projects cost to put together, but we can image the amount of changes should cost a number of times over the base bike’s original price.

You can have a look at all the modifications made to turn this Night Train into a no-nonsense build by hitting this link.