Harley-Davidson Laguna Seca Is Not the Custom Build We Know, Might Be Better


More than a year ago, as we dug through the inexhaustible pool of custom motorcycles made in Europe, we came across the Harley-Davidson Laguna Seca, a build handled by German shop Thunderbike in honor of the California racing track. But it seems that bike is not the only one named so.

The Thunderbike Laguna Seca was originally a Breakout, gifted with custom body bits and red paint to really make it stand out in a crowd. The one we’re here to drool over today is a Night Rod, the Harley muscle bike that is no longer made, but still manages to keep garages busy.

The white Laguna Seca is the work of another German crew, one called X-Trem, and it is one of the most eye-pleasing Night Rods we’ve seen in a while. That may be owed to the carefully chosen body parts, or the white-over-black approach of the whole build, but it sure stands out.

X-Trem used its usual take when it came to customizing the two-wheeler. The first thing on the agenda was to modify the machine’s stance by gifting it with a progressive suspension, and slapping a wide tire kit on the rear.

Tons of carefully shaped plastic were then used to cover the entire length of the motorcycle, from the handlebars to the brake calipers and all the covers needed on the Night Rod. Most of these bits are wrapped in a pure white paint that perfectly offsets the blackness used elsewhere, and makes for a slightly more eye-pleasing build than the Thunderbike Laguna Seca,

Mechanically, we’re not being told if much has changed, and it probably hasn’t. The only major addition in this respect is the in-house made 2-in-1 exhaust system.

As usual, X-Trem does not give any info on how much the Night Rod cost to be converted this way.