Harley-Davidson Styler Ampeg Is a Long Night Train With a Broken Neck


Born in the Harley-Davidson lineup of Softail motorcycles in the late 1990s, the Night Train was in production for just a little over a decade, and still managed to spawn its share of fans. For what it’s worth, the model is not, however, one of the main choices for custom builders around the world.

That means whoever ventures into modifying Night Trains has an edge, as their builds have a greater chance of being noticed in a world filled with modified V-Rods and Breakouts. Japanese garage Bad Land is one of those who don’t shy away from making their mark on the industry with such two-wheelers (and others, of course).

We’ve featured one of Bad Land’s modified Night Trains earlier this week, the frightening-looking Balfern, and that kind of opened up our appetite for more. So we dug through the shop’s older projects and stumbled across this thing here, the so-called Styler Number 2 Ampeg.

Born into this world as a stock Night Train back in 2005, it was remade in this new and radical shape (much more so than the Balfern) in 2018.

Riding on Rick’s Motorcycles wheels (21 inches front and 18 inches, 300 wide rear) wrapped in Avon Cobra tires, the build stands out thanks to a variety of unique features, including the extreme interpretation of the front end that makes it look from certain angles as a creature with a broken neck.

That’s owed to the fact that the bike’s frame has been modified by Bad Land, and gifted with a custom girder fork, unique fuel tank, and a wide swingarm. The engine was upgraded too with the fitting of a Mikuni carburetor, one-off exhaust system, and a wealth of home-brewed covers.

There is no info on how much this extreme Night Train cost to put together.