Harley-Davidson Super Manish Is One Cool Build With One Ridiculous Name


When custom motorcycle shops start a project, they almost always choose a potent name to go with it. After all, you can’t have an out of this world two-wheeled machine named just like the base motorcycle, now can you? There are, of course, exceptions, and we’ve seen over the years garages come up with incredible builds, only for them to be partially ruined by some ridiculous name slapped on the fuel tank or elsewhere. It’s not something that happens very often, but when it does, we’re bound to remember them. Japan is a place where ridiculous names are a given. After all, who can forget how the country chose to translate Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Austin Powers Deluxe), or Ratatouille (Remy’s Delicious Restaurant), or Despicable Me (Mysterious Thief Gru’s Moon)? Hence, having a converted Harley-Davidson Breakout being rechristened Super Manish by the shop behind it, Japan-based Bad Land, comes as no surprise, really. We are a bit lost at what Manish could mean in this context (in Hindu, that would be the God of the mind), but whatever it is, in English, it sure sounds ridiculous. The bike itself, on the other hand, is anything but. Converted to run on a 260 mm wide tire, the Breakout is almost entirely made with in-house created bits, both the mostly visual ones (fuel tank, fenders, handlebar, or struts), and the more mechanically-oriented, like say the exhaust system. The front end of the bike makes use of a Headwinds headlight, while the opposite end is adorned by a Bad Land sissy bar. In between the two extremities, tucked into its frame, sits the Breakout largely unmodified stock engine. Wrapped in black, touches of chrome and maroon here and there, the Super Manish, shown for the first time in 2016, is one of the cleanest Bad Land builds we’ve covered here on autoevolution.