Heim (Home) Micro-House Shows a Mobile Dwelling Done Right – Requires Towing Rig


Norske Mikrohus is a team of craftsmen, engineers, architects, and lovers of the outdoors. Heck, they’ve made a whole business out of living outdoors and being able to move your home to whatever area you’d like, even if you do so daily. With each project hand-built in Oslo, Norway, you can bet that this team is ready to offer a home capable of withstanding frigid Norwegian winters.

Heck, average summer temperatures for the country range between 57 degrees Fahrenheit (13.9 degrees Celsius) to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius). Imagine how cold winters are. As an example, back in 1999, temperatures dropped to a bone-shattering -51.2 degrees Celsius, around -60 degrees Fahrenheit. This was an exception, however.

One of the three homes this team manufactures is known as the Heim, which simply translates to ‘Home’. One conclusion I reached by the time I had acquainted myself with the Heim is that its name is very befitting. Why? Because that’s what this is, a home and everything that comes along with one.

When you choose to purchase a Heim from Mikrohus, you’ll be presented with two options, a 7.5-meter (24.6-foot) model and a 6.5-meter (21.3-foot) model, each one coming in with a width of 2.5 meters (8.2 feet). The 24-foot model will run you around $108,195 at current exchange rates or 930,000 NOK, while the 21-footer $103,695 at current exchange rates or 890,000 NOK.

Now that’s quite steep for a mobile home; true. But then again, it’s a friggin mobile home! Heck, 16-millimeter (0.63 in) spruce cladding, aluminum roof, double laminated window frames, a build meant for year-round use, and you should be starting to get an idea as why this puppy costs so much.

Inside the space, don’t expect to see some sort of Winnebago or Airstream style setup to the features as this sucker is fit for really comfortable living. Although it may not feel like an important aspect, the fact the Heim includes a ceiling height of 3 meters (9.8 feet) is enough to give you that home feeling. But this height isn’t just for breathing room. It has a purpose.

In order to maximize space and include residential-sized appliances, Mikrohus decided to move the bedroom to one side of the Heim and then lift it above the bathroom. Access to this area is done by a staircase set to one side of the home that includes tons of storage space underneath.

If you feel claustrophobic in the bedroom, three windows offer a view of the surrounding world to be enjoyed from the comfort of a queen or king-size mattress that sits slightly recessed into the floor. Hardwood floors are part of the starting package too.

Across from the staircase, a kitchen with oak countertops, space for a dishwasher and fridge/freezer, stainless-steel sink and faucet, and countless drawers line this side of the home. A large window behind the sink lets you enjoy a view of the world and helps you see what you’re cooking. Downlights offer lighting once the sun begins to set.

As for the bathroom, sitting underneath the bedroom, a large European-style design gives way to an incineration or composting toilet, a large standing shower, and a countertop vanity with ceramic sink. There’s even room for a washing machine inside.

Now, like any normal home, electrical and plumbing systems are in place and ready with a constant pressure pump, a 130-liter (34-gallon) water tank, electric in-floor heating, and a 230-volt electrical system is at your disposal, powering everything you choose to put in your home. I say this because Mikrohus offers countless options to create the home (Heim) of your dreams, including a wood stove, mosaic tiles, and even the washing machine and dishwasher I mentioned, all for an extra buck, of course. When that’s all said and done, one thing you can always do to a construction like this is beef up the electrical systems with an inverter and some solar panels.

Homes like these are becoming more and more common on the road. Heck, with laws being what they have been in recent years, it’s no wonder more people are leaning towards owning a home that can take them anywhere they want at any time.